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Die and Insert DNA? Ask about our innovative tracking system.

Interchangeable with: Varco, BJ, Foster, Baash-Ross, Woolley, Cavins, Guiberson, Mission and many more…

From molten steel to precision parts, we are exceeding the standards demanded by the Oil & Gas Industry.

With time, money and safety on the line, outsourcing should never be an option.



Since 1999, Rig Tool Products has been serving the Drilling and Well Servicing community to meet the demand for products that exceed industry standards. Our many years of experience in manufacturing have given us the knowledge to meet these demands, allowing us to produce quality parts at affordable prices.

Rig Tool Products offers many consumable parts for name brand handling tools in today’s marketplace. Our specializations include tong dies, slip inserts, tubing spiders, manual slips, power tong parts, elevators, manual tong parts, rubber products, brake blocks, brake rims and brake bands. Through precise engineering, our goods have the ability to interchange with OEM tools such as Varco, Baash Ross, Woolley, Guiberson, Cavins, Foster, BJ, Oil Country and many more.

With multiple manufacturing facilities, we have allowed ourselves the opportunity to expand our product lines as well as increase our inventory, giving us the ability to meet your needs when you need it most. As Rig Tool Products continues to expand our global presence, our company and employees remain dedicated to the standard of service and parts we’ve come to be known for!

Our Customers are a vital part of our growth. Should you have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. We look forward to serving the industry needs and helping your company reach their ultimate goals.


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