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Ever Heard of Tong Die and Slip Insert DNA?

Ever Heard of Tong Die and Slip Insert DNA?

Neither have we, but in an effort to offer our customers a complete account of our dies and inserts, we have created a tracking system that is imprinted on the part itself.

Some of our competition may have some type of reference number on a box or a packing list. How many times do the rig hands keep these items, just in case there happens to be some kind of issue? NEVER!

With the Rig Tool Products tracking system, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the part, from the steel it was cut from all the way to the heat treating batch number, without having to find the box it came in.

This feature is just another way we can increase the quality and service of our products, while giving our customers the assurances they deserve!

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