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Goodbye Steel, Hello Brass!

As the elements and environments in wells change, so must the technology that we use to service them. What once worked fine yesterday, may no longer be suitable for the job today.

As applied to pneumatic air cylinders, this too holds true. The air cylinder use in well servicing is vast and numerous however most operate in the same fashion. It is not the operation of the cylinder that should be improved on however, instead we look at the components that make up the unit. Traditional air cylinders have been made out of steel for various reasons (cost and availability of martial among others). When cylinders function in hostile operating environments where excessive heat, chemicals and repetition are present, the cylinders begins to break down faster. Once the integrity of the steel cylinder is diminished, you begin to introduce damaging elements such as moisture that causes corrosion within thus rendering the air cylinder useless.

Science, technology and Rig Tool Products have found a solution for this problem. Say hello to the NEW line of Corrosion Resistant Air Cylinders! However it doesn’t just stop at the moisture resistant cylinder, Rig Tool Products has also beefed up the insides as well using upgraded stainless-exercised rods and components. This is no longer your traditional air cylinder!

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